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Benefits Of A Stronger Running Mindset

  • Brand© Registered Techniques

    The R.E.S.E.T.© is a registered brand #20.2018.112.751. Reorganisation of Emotional Systems into Effective Transformation.

  • Developed for Running

    Developed by runners' for runners'. With over 35 years of experience in running, certified endurance coaching, adult potential coaching and a National Guild of Hypnosis Hypnotherapist.

  • Processes and Procedures

    Identifying and then: Replacing old habits and thought processes with new ones. A unique approach only by R.E.S.E.T.© Combining the best of NLP, the most effective of EMDR, adapted for runners'.

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Revealing that content, that no elite runner wants to share. By using the best of NLP, and the most effective steps of E.F.T., along with the Brand registered R.E.S.E.T.© techniques. Perfecting and adapting the EMDR to accommodate runners' ensures that this course delivers as promised. Making you a faster, stronger runner.


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First time I am not disappointed in a online course. I was expecting the typical content, of show videos and lots of selling. BUT I WAS WRONG. This course gave me real profound content that I have since used to my success. Videos where excellent, and the add on material is impressive. Best part... no hidden costs, or extra selling being done. Thanks well appreciated.

Five Stars


Much much better than buying a book and trying to learn this at home on your own. Expert advice and a very clear method and structure. Thanks, much appreciated.

The Real Stuff


Being a educator I was extremely critical approaching such a intense subject via a online course. However I found method competency and structure, along with a structured approach to ensure the learnt content